10 Kid Friendly Scavenger Hunt Ideas

  1. MINIATURE – Everyone gets a matchbox (or something similar in size), and they have to fill it with as many tiny things as they can in the allotted time. No duplicate objects in the same box.
  2. BY COLOR – A Container they can use to put items in. Gather as many things of the same “chosen” color as they can.
  3. TEXTURE – Same concept as color but items are found by different textures.
  4. CLUE BASED HUNT – Come up with scavenger hunt clues to help your participants find the items on their list. This is a great team option.
  5. BACK YARD NATURE HUNT – A container they can use to put items in. Gather as many nature related things as they can. Make sure they know not to put live things in the container.
  6. GLOW IN THE DARK SCAVENGER HUNT – Combine the excitement of a treasure hunt with the extra fun of glow in the dark paint and toys.
  7. MAGAZINE HUNT IDEAS – Make a list of items to search for in magazines (IE. man with a beard, perfume, a flower, etc.) Set a timer.
  8. ABC SCAVENGER HUNT – Pick a theme, set a time limit and give each team a list lettered A to Z. The challenge: Find one item beginning with each letter.
  9. EDUCATIONAL HUNT – This is great for younger kids. Choose a topic: Letters, Numbers, Words, Shapes, etc. Gather as many things of the same “chosen” topic as they can.
  10. CAR RIDE – ABC’s. Looks for letters on signs, buildings, cars etc. in alphabetical order while driving. They must be found in order. That’s what makes it challenging.

Get creative. You can use just about any theme you want for any of the above ideas! Having cool prizes will also make it even more fun!

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