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1. What do you have planned for September?

2. September is Self-Improvement Month. How do you plan to celebrate it?

3.  What does self-improvement mean to you?

4.  What are your favorite ways to practice self-improvement?

5. What are some areas of self-improvement you tend to neglect?

6. It’s “Read a Book Day” – Make a list of books that you have fond memories of.

7. What are some ways you can find more time in your day for reading?

8. What is your favorite genre of book?

9. What were your reading habits as a kid?

10. What are some books you loved as a kid that your kids also enjoy reading?

11. How can you adjust your routine this month?

12. What are some of your professional goals for the month?

13. What are some personal goals for the month?

14. What kind of routine do you have for setting goals?

15. What do you feel keeps you from reaching your goals?

16. How is your September going so far?

17. It’s National Indoor Plant Week – What is your feeling about having indoor plants?

18. If you could have any plant year-round, what would it be?

19. What is your favorite thing about the seasons changing?

20. What is a sound that reminds you of fall?

21. What is your favorite scent in the fall?

22. Today is Autumn Equinox! How will you celebrate?

23. Make a list of everything you love about the season.

24. What are some seasonal activities you’re looking forward to?

25. List 3 things you are grateful for this month.

26. What is your favorite season?

27. What is your least favorite season?

28. On this National Good Neighbor Day, think of something nice you can do for a neighbor.

29. What are 3 good neighbor memories you have?

30. List some of your plans for October.

Bonus Prompts

1. Write about the first topic that comes to mind when you hear the word JOY.

2. September often feels like a fresh start before the year is over. What are some plans you can make at this time?

3. What bad decision from the past would you change if you could?

4. What are some life skills you’re good at?

5. What are some life skills you don’t think you’re good at?

6. If you were to write a novel – where would it take place?

7. What was the scariest moment in your life so far?

8. List some healthy habits you have this month.

9. What are some positive changes you have made in your life?

10. List some of your personal productivity hacks.

11. If you could have any unconventional pet, what would it be?

12. What is the best way to spend a weekday off?

13. If you were to go back to college, what would be your area of study?

14. List 3 funny or memorable things that have happened.

15. What is something good you did for yourself recently?

16. What is something you did for someone else recently?

17. Have you started planning out the last few months of the year?

18. What do you think defines you?

19. Are you happy with your business or occupation choice?

20. How was this month overall?

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