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October Prompts

  1. Close your eyes and say the word October out loud, write down the thoughts that come into your head.
  2. What color do you associate with October and why?
  3. It’s getting cooler, what’s your favorite way to stay warm?
  4. Do you have, or had, a fuzzy blanket? Write about where it came from and any memories it gives you.
  5. It’s National Walk Your Dog Week, write about taking a dog for a walk or if you don’t have one, what this experience might be like.
  6. October is a great time for picking apples or just eating apples. What’s your funniest apple eating memory?
  7. What’s your favorite outfit for the Fall or Autumn?
  8. Write about a local attraction that is good to visit at this time of year.
  9. Record your best summer memory of the year and make a note to revisit this entry next year to compare your new memories.
  10. Pick a hobby you would like to start this fall or winter.
  11. Find a fall recipe that you would like to try.
  12. It’s Thanksgiving in Canada, write a note to someone you know who is celebrating, or write to a fictious person.
  13. What does the word ‘Thankful’ mean to you?
  14. It’s Take Your Parents to Lunch, write about taking your parents to lunch, where you would go, what you would eat – do it if possible!
  15. Will you be enjoying Halloween this year? Write down your thoughts on how you would cope with this due to the pandemic this year.
  16. What’s your favorite place to go to see the Fall Colors?
  17. Write a detailed description of what Fall means to you, paint a picture with words.
  18. Pumpkins are out, have you ever tried pumpkin or are they just for carving?
  19. Write about the best pumpkin you have ever seen, large or carved.
  20. Write a description of how you would love to decorate your home with fall colors.
  21. Many people start thinking about gratitude in October, what does this mean to you.
  22. Write notes to 2 people you are grateful to have in your life.
  23. Enjoy a hot chocolate today and then write down your memories of drinking hot chocolate from your childhood.
  24. Are you thinking about Christmas yet? Does this make you feel happy or stressful?
  25. It’s Mother in Law Day, write a note to your mother in law, or to someone close to you if you don’t have one.
  26. Start creating a book list for the winter, what books would you love to read?
  27. What movies would you love to round out the year watching?
  28. It’s Lung Health Day, what healthier habit would you like to develop?
  29. Write about a time you visited a farm as a child, or what this memory would be if you didn’t.
  30. It’s Checklist Day, create some fun checklists!
  31. Trick or Treat Day, record some memories.  

Bonus Prompts

  1. What could you do to help someone who is a victim of bullying?
  2. Were you bullied at school? How did you handle it?
  3. October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, write about how this has affected someone you know.
  4. Write about a cause that is important to you.
  5. List 3 things you could do to support that cause.
  6. Is there a teacher that you still appreciate today? Write about who it is and why.
  7. Create a ‘Thank You’ design and add it to your journal with a note about why it’s special to you.
  8. This time of year, people start to think about being Grateful, who or what are you grateful for?
  9. How can you make a difference to someone you know today?
  10. What would you do if you knew you could make a huge impact in the world?
  11. Create a list of Fall/Autumn related words.
  12. List three things you could do to improve your business or job.
  13. What health goal do you have for October.
  14. In honor of Canadian Thanksgiving write a list of things that you know about Canada.
  15. There’s three months left in 2020, what are your goals and plans.
  16. How was 2020 so far for you?
  17. What’s your favorite poem for this time of year?
  18. Have you ever been on a hayride? Write about it or what you think it would be like.
  19. Describe a typical weekend day for you and your family.
  20. What are you looking forward to for next month?

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