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What to Journal About in the Beginning of the Year

There are a few times of the year when people tend to start journaling for the first time, or get back into it during a break – when they are dealing with something difficult, near the beginning of the next quarter, and the beginning of the year. If you are journaling as part as your new start this January, here are some things you can write about.

Your New Years’ Resolutions and Annual Goals

Naturally, the first step to journaling in the beginning of the year is to write about your goals for the year, and your resolutions if you have them. I like to think of resolutions more as 1-3 things you have been wanting to do, but haven’t really gotten the right kind of motivation. Think of those things you keep saying you will do someday, but never do. It could be ending a bad habit like drinking too much caffeine or biting your fingernails, or maybe it has to do with wanting to finally start the manuscript you keep talking about. Write it all down in your journal and really set your sights on what you want to accomplish this year.

Areas of Your Life to Improve

You can also write about different areas of your life that you want to improve, such as your health, your finances or work, spending time with loved ones, being more active in your community, or starting a new project. This is more general improvements you want to make, as opposed to super specific goals that turn into resolutions for the year.

New Habits and Routines You Want to Implement

Are there habits you feel like you are slacking on, or do you want to start a new routine that serves you better? Your journal is a great place to get started. It might be a good idea to first write about your routines now, then kind of pinpoint either what you want to add, or areas of your daily routines that don’t really serve a purpose and no longer fit in with your current lifestyle or your future goals.

Focusing on Growth and Self-Improvement

Journaling is an amazing resource when it comes to personal growth. It really allows you to become a better, healthier, more productive person. Use this time in the beginning of the year to write about how you want to grow and improve this year. Do you want to read more self help books? Are you interested in learning something new by taking courses? Do you want to develop a more positive mindset? Really focus on this and write it all down in your journal.

Journaling Prompt # 3

How are you making sure you start the year off right?

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First Quarter Journaling Tips and Ideas

With the start of the year, comes that feeling of new beginnings and starting over in whatever area of your life you feel needs improving. This also means focusing on the first quarter if you run your own business, which includes the first three months of the year. Here are some ideas for what to journal about in the first quarter of the year.

What Do You Want to Get Done During the First Quarter?

To make it simple, start with figuring out what you want to get done before the first quarter ends. So, think about what you want or need to accomplish before April of this year. If you have already been working on your big goals for the year, you probably have a good idea of what needs to be done the first few months of the year. If you fail to do this type of planning, the quarter will be over, and suddenly you realize you haven’t gotten any closer to whatever your personal or professional goals are.

And remember they don’t have to be big business goals either. Maybe there is a small vacation you want to plan, you want to visit a friend you haven’t seen in a while, or you are trying to save money. These can all be included in your first quarter planning as well.

Working on Your Goals and Small Accomplishments

Once you know what you want to accomplish in the first quarter, you can start creating goals, tasks, and figuring out what small things to focus on. Are you trying to save a certain amount of money before second quarter? If so, figure out what you will do to save that money. Are you getting a second job or will you be cutting your expenses and changing your budget? How much do you need to save weekly or monthly in order to reach your goal?

What Did You Not Get Done Last Year?

The first quarter is also a good time to catch up with what you didn’t complete last year. This can give you an idea of what you need to work and what areas of your life you are neglecting a little bit. For some people, it is their personal life that gets left behind, for others, it is menial tasks like organizing or filing taxes on time. When you know what you didn’t get done, you know where you focus should be in the first quarter. Your journaling works so well for keeping track of this.

Journaling Prompt #2

Do you have plans for the 1st quarter?