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Benefits of Morning Pages

While there are many forms of journaling, none of which are wrong, journaling in the morning is often great for stream of consciousness, bullet journaling, and planning out your day.

Take a look at the many benefits of morning pages.

It’s Your Own Private Form of Therapy

Since you’re the only one who sees your morning pages, they give you the perfect opportunity write about your thoughts and feelings. With how busy life can get, it’s far too easy to bury your emotions, which can make you unhappy in the long run. Sometimes just focusing on how you feel and what’s bothering you can make a world of difference.

Maybe journaling will help you better understand where your partner is coming from when you two argue and how the two of you can communicate better. Or perhaps when you break down something that stressed you out the previous day, you’ll
discover why it bothered you and steps you can take to solve the problem.

You’re Free to Express Whatever You’d Like

Your morning pages are your own world, and you can do whatever you want with them. While writing about how you feel is a popular choice, that’s far from the only topic you can cover. You could use your morning pages to map out goals for the next
few weeks and months or take a more long-term view of what you want to accomplish in life. You could use your morning pages to write your own short stories.

There’s no limit to what you write. If you want to go past three pages, that’s an option, as well.

It Stimulates Your Creativity

It’s not easy to be creative. There’s a misconception out there, that artists and other creative types are simply born that way, but in reality, you need to put in the work to develop your creativity. The two most important factors in being creative are devoting time to it and having the right setup. Fortunately, those are two areas where morning pages can help.

One of the most common reasons people fail at creating anything is because they’re constantly waiting for inspiration to strike instead of simply setting aside time and working at it. If you expect it to just happen, it never will. When you do your morning
pages, you’re making a commitment to put in the work.

The other roadblock to creativity is your setup. When you’re typing ideas into a computer program, there’s a disconnect between you and what you’re creating, and you can immediately edit anything you don’t like before you’ve even fleshed it out.
The same isn’t true when you’re using a pen and paper. The ideas flow much better this way, especially when you’re just waking up.

Keep in mind also that stimulating creativity isn’t only useful for artists. If you’re an entrepreneur, your morning pages could be where you come up with great new business ideas.

You Clear Your Head

Morning pages are great for reducing anxiety and helping you be in the present moment. How do they help with that? They allow you to clear all those little thoughts and stressors from your mind so that they aren’t weighing you down the rest of the

Everyone knows how overwhelming it is to have a variety of thoughts flooding your mind as you try to focus on what you need to accomplish that day. By putting those thoughts to paper in the morning, you set yourself up for a more focused and
productive day.

It Helps You Value Your Time More

The interesting thing about morning pages is that even though you’re adding a 30-minute task to your daily routine, you’ll likely actually find yourself making better use of your time. One reason is that you’ll have fewer distractions that take you off track, but just as important is that you’ll have a conscious desire to make the most of every moment.

When you see how much those 30 minutes of writing can improve your life, you’ll want to use the rest of your time just as wisely. That means less procrastination and killing time on mindless tasks. You’ll move through life far more efficiently.

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