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What are Morning Pages?

A person’s morning routine is perhaps the most important part of the day, as it sets the tone and gets us ready for what’s next. One popular trend that’s helping people from all walks of life improve their morning routines is morning pages. These morning pages are a form of daily journaling that is done right after waking up.

Although daily journaling, in general, is good for you, morning pages are especially beneficial, and there’s a reason so many successful people swear by them.

The way morning pages work is simple. While any form of journaling in the morning would work, the most widely known method of doing morning pages has the following requirements:

  • You must do your morning pages immediately upon waking up.
  • You write until you’ve completed three pages in your notebook, which is about 750 words.
  • Morning pages must be handwritten.
  • You can write about whatever comes to mind. For the first half-page or page, you may find that you’re filling the page with blasé observations, but if you stick with it, you will likely end up with some gems in the rest of your writing. It’s all about being patient and committed.
  • While how long morning pages take depends on how quickly you write, people typically complete theirs within about half an hour. You’ll likely find that you get through yours a bit faster when you get used to writing them.

Although you don’t need to follow the requirements above, as morning pages can be whatever you want them to be, there are reasons for those requirements.

It’s best to do your morning pages right away when you wake up because at that time, your mind will be too tired to second-guess or censor anything. You’ll be able to put down more honest thoughts from the inner depths of your mind.

The three-page requirement is because that’s a good amount to produce in-depth writing. If you stopped after one page, you’d only be scratching the surface with your journaling.

As far as the requirement about handwriting your morning pages, there are a few reasons for this. Many people feel that the act of putting pen or pencil to paper results in a stronger connection between what themselves and what they’re writing.
Computers, on the other hand, can stifle creativity.

It’s also much easier to jump into your morning pages when you wake up if you’re just grabbing a journal, not turning on your computer and loading your word processing program of choice.

That being said, if you prefer using a computer for your morning pages, you can do so. There are even sites specifically for that purpose.

Since morning pages are intended to be private, it’s best not to let anyone else read yours. This makes it easier to write honestly, because you don’t need to worry about being judged for what you write. In fact, you may not even want to reread yours later.

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