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Finding Success with Morning Pages

To be successful with writing morning pages, you need to turn it into a habit. Start by carving out 30 minutes in your morning routine, even if that means waking up earlier. If you figure you’ll just fit your morning pages in, odds are that start skipping them because you don’t have the time.

Make a commitment to writing your morning pages for 30 days in a row. Here’s why it can take time to see the results of your new morning routine. You’re selling yourself short if you stop after five days because you haven’t noticed a difference. When you set 30 days as your first goal, it gives you enough time to see the results in action and make morning pages a habit.

Morning pages are one of the easiest and best ways to lead a better life. All it takes is a notebook, a pen or pencil, and about 30 minutes of your time to make yourself happier and healthier.

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