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Inspiration for Your Journal

As you begin using your journal more often, you might find that your entries become quite repetitive. This isn’t a bad thing, but sometimes you just want a little creative inspiration to make the process more interesting. Here are some different ways to find inspiration for your journal, to keep it fun and engaging.

Experiment with Different Writing Styles

Your lack of inspiration or interest in journaling might not be journaling itself, but the style you have chosen to use. For example, if you have been using journaling prompts for each journal entry, maybe it is time to try a brain dump. This is where you don’t know what you are writing about – you just write about any thoughts or feelings you have. Another change to make is if you have been trying to fit too much in each journal entry with too many rules. Just because you started out by writing out goals and lists every day, doesn’t mean you have to keep doing it if you don’t feel you are benefiting from it.

Shop Around for the Best Journal and Writing Utensils

Yes, what you use to journal matters! If you are using a pen that isn’t comfortable for your hand or has ink that only works properly half the time, it becomes frustrating, and you won’t want to use it. The same goes for the journal or notebook you are using. It doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive but be a good size and something you will enjoy using. Hardcover journals can be great, but if you have a hard time opening up the pages to write in them, they are useless.

Make it Fun and Get Creative

A big part of journaling is writing, but that doesn’t have to be all you do. You can feel free to get as creative as you want, whether the title of each journal page has a design around it, you have intermittent doodle pages, or you have little drawings on every journal entry. Use color, different pens or colored pencils, embellishments, stencils, and anything else you have available. This makes it a lot more fun and can give you different types of inspiration.

Keep Reading About Journaling

To be inspired, sometimes you need to see what others are doing. Follow some blogs and social media accounts that talk about journaling, whether they show pages of their own journal, give tips and advice, or offer journaling prompts for you to use. This can be really helpful when you get a little stuck and need more journaling inspiration.

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