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10 Ways to Unleash Your Creativity

Creativity is one of the most powerful tools available to humans. You’ll be surprised just how much you can enhance your creativity.

Learn these strategies to release and enhance your creativity

  1. Try new things. Our thoughts and decisions are largely based on our experiences. Start trying new things. For example, if you go skydiving or take a painting class for the first time, you’re bound to have a new perspective on the world.
  2. Change the location. A change of scenery can allow you to think new, creative thoughts. Try working in a library or coffee shop. Rearrange your office and change the view. Turn off your autopilot and expose your senses to new stimuli.
  3. Stay up late. It’s possible you’ll be more creative in the late hours of the evening. Another possibility is getting up an hour earlier and spending some time in peace and quiet. Try to be creative early in the morning or late at night. Those periods of time just after awakening and just before falling asleep are special. Your conscious mind isn’t fully alert and your ability to think freely and imaginatively is enhanced.
  4. Listen to music. Einstein claimed listening to Mozart enhanced his creativity. Consider how different types of music impact your thoughts and emotions. Experiment.
  5. Suspend your judgement. One of the biggest obstacles to creativity is premature judgement. All your ideas and creations won’t be good. Consider all the possibilities before dismissing any of the available options.
  6. Think while taking a walk. Actually, any simple activity can do. Mowing the lawn, running on a treadmill, vacuuming the carpet, or swimming laps are other good examples. These simple activities keep part of your practical mind busy, but the creative part of your mind is free to roam.
  7. Come up with 5 new ideas each day. Keep your brain on the task by forcing yourself to be creative each day. You’ll be sure to find a few great ideas each week. Would you like to earn more money? Ask yourself, “What are five ways I can earn at least x amount of dollars each month.
  8. Practice visualization. Visualize yourself in unique circumstances but focus on more than the visual aspects. Hear, see, feel, and smell the situation too.
  9. Embrace austerity. Life can be way too chaotic. Go camping with nothing but a tent, sleeping bag, and bottle of water. Leave the distractions at home.
  10. Meditate or get a massage. Anything that relaxes your mind can be beneficial to your creativity. Perhaps you’re only a nap away from an earth-shattering idea.

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