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5 Common Types of Journals

When it comes to journaling, your first thought might be of a diary with a lock and key. Maybe you kept one as a kid that you guarded from your sister or perhaps you’ve never seen the point in keeping a journal.

No matter which category you fall into, you should know there are many different types of journals. In fact, you can create a journal for just about any activity you do.

Here are the 5 most common types of journals:

#1. Travel Journal

A travel journal is the perfect way to capture your adventures. You can journal about places you visited, where you’ve stayed while there, who you met, what kind of food you ate, and what you did on your trips.

Using a travel journal can help you remember important events that you don’t want to forget, such as how amazing you felt when you learned to surf or how much fun you had when you finally mastered the art of skiing.

#2. Daily Journal

Some people like to record the details of their daily life in a journal. This might include writing about current projects, a fight with your spouse, or a kind act a stranger did for you at the grocery store.

You may also find yourself drawn to a daily journal during an important season in your personal life, like an engagement, a new baby, or the home-buying process. These events can bring up a lot of emotions and it can be helpful to process them in the privacy of your journal.

#3. Prayer Journal

If you are religious or spiritual, you may like the idea of keeping a prayer journal. Many people who participate in this practice will record what they prayed for as well as the date of their request.

Later on, they can go back and add how that request was answered. This can be a wonderful way to grow closer to God or the Universe, depending on your beliefs. It can also be a source of comfort when you look back later to see how many situations turned out for the good in spite of how challenging they felt at the time.

#4. Business Journal

A business journal is another type of journal to consider keeping. With this type of journal, you can record your work projects, plan new products, or brainstorm new ways to market your services.

It can also be useful for generating ideas or coming up with solutions to problems you’re facing. You can also use it to consider what new goals that you might want to pursue and how you could accomplish them.

#5. Bullet Journal

A bullet journal is a special type of journal that allows you to track many different areas of your life in one convenient space. Inside of it, you can keep lists, make notes, and create plans. The idea is that you write down short phrases or “bullets” to help you remember important dates, manage your to-do list, and keep you on track with your goals.

The advantage of using a bullet journal is that it can be customized for your life. If you want to keep a list of the books you’re reading, how many steps you took today, and what knitting project you’re working on, you can easily do that.

Bullet journals can take a few minutes to set up. But there’s plenty of inspiring ideas on social media sites like Instagram. Just look up #bulletjournaling or #bujo and you’ll discover all of the ways you can decorate a bullet journal.

The wonderful thing about journaling is that there are no rules. You can create the journal you want and customize it to fit your life.


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