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Start a Journal for Daily Self-Care

You might not keep a journal, but it can help with many areas of your life, including practicing self-care. Anyone who wants to focus on bettering their lives, improving their thoughts, and gaining control of their feelings should begin to journal. It’s not only a good habit that helps you get to know yourself, but […]

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How to Create 90-Day Goals with a Journal

Goals are the foundation of success. No matter what you’re trying to achieve, you’re not going to find success unless you make big goals, smaller goals, and you work hard to achieve those goals. One way to help you create a list of goals and also achieve them is with the help of a bullet-list […]

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Back to Basics: Visual Journaling

When you were a child, you probably drew pictures showing how you felt about having a new baby brother or learning to swim. Now that you’re grown up, you can still use art to process your emotions and reduce stress. Many artists and therapists use visual journals to help them with their work. Whatever your […]

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Why Practice Spiritual Self Care Daily?

A spiritual connection is a form of routine, which helps to bring people in contact with the divine. According to a clinical study, spirituality is to seek to find meaning in life outside of the person. It is a connection to the world and to explore what one’s purpose is in the world. What is […]

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Finding Inspiration for Your Journal

As you begin using your journal more often, you might find that your entries become really repetitive. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but sometimes you just want a little creative inspiration to make it more interesting. Here are some different ways to find more inspiration for your journal, to keep it fun and engaging. […]

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