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Finding the Perfect Journal

Journaling can be done with traditional pen and paper or you can capture your thoughts digitally with an app. One method isn’t necessarily better or worse than the other – it’s just a matter of personal preference. That said, there are a few advantages to each method. Here are a few:

Advantages of Handwritten Journals

Handwriting can boost creativity because it helps you make connections faster and easier. It also gives you space to leave the digital world behind, which can help you see your problems in a new light.

Another pro of handwriting your journal entries is that there are fewer distractions. If you’re typing on a laptop or smart device, you may be tempted to stop and check your email, read the news, or do other tasks that keep you from completing your entry.

Some people prefer handwritten journals because the writing is often more emotional and rawer. With typing in a digital journal, you can erase and rephrase your sentence as many times as you want, which can sometimes result in more sterile writing.

Journal Options

You can find a variety of journals available in stores and online. But before you buy, think about the type of journal you’ll want. If you’re going for a bullet journal, then you’ll need to shop for one with a bullet grid like this PAPERAGE Lined Journal Notebook, 160 Pages, Medium 5.7 inches x 8 inches – Thick Paper, Hardcover

If you’ll be doodling or creating artwork beside your journal entries, you may not want any annoying lines to get in your way. That makes this JOYEUX Blank Journal Notebook, 160 Pages Sketch Book Hardcover Journal for Writing a good choice. As an added bonus, this journal is refillable so you can keep re-using the journal cover as many times as you wish.

If you hate spirals bindings and want a journal that lies flat, then these are some beautiful journals you might want to consider. Elan Publishing Company Field Notebook/Journal – 5″x8″ – Floral Covers – Lined – Pack of 5 are as inspiring as they are cute.

Advantages of Digital Journals

Digital journals can be more secure, especially when protected by hard-to-crack passwords. With a handwritten journal, anyone can read your entries if they have physical access to it.

Another advantage is that digital journals can be tagged and searched. This means if you have a journal entry from two years ago, it’s much easier to find a digital copy than to sift through years of journals.

Plus, digital journals allow you to include other media. For example, you can write a post about that day at the water park and include videos of yourself going down the tallest slide.

Journal Software

There are several options if you prefer to journal digitally. A quick online search can help you find free and premium options that work with your preferred device.

The Journey app is one example you could consider. It’s free and has a desktop version that works on both Windows and Mac. It syncs seamlessly between the different locations, so you always have access to your latest entries.

Although EverNote is a productivity app, you can also use it as a journal if you wish. Just start a new notebook and name it “Journal” or whatever other name you prefer. Then create a note within the notebook. Each note can be treated like a journal entry. You can add tags, format text, and include images in your entries.

So, Which Should You Choose?

Chances are you may already be drawn to one format over the other. However, if in doubt, consider giving both options a try. Spend a week or two writing daily entries in a physical journal, then switch and try writing daily entries in a digital journal for the same amount of time. At the end of your experiment, choose the one you like best.


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