Journal Prompts: Dig into Your Goals & Dreams

Uncover great intentions and bring good things to fruition. Write down your goals and dreams, choose from the subjects below or use all journal prompts.

Dig into Your Goals & Dreams…

  1. 4 BIG Goals that Scare You (A Little)
  2. Top 5 Places You Want to Travel To
  3. Movies You Want to Watch
  4. New Languages You Want to Learn
  5. Books You Want to Read
  6. 10 Food You Want to Try
  7. Your Secret Dream
  8. 3 Things that Would Change Your Life
  9. One Thing that Scares you is…
  10. Write a Letter to your 90-Year-Old Self
  11. New habits You Want to Develop
  12. 5 Things that Always Motivate You


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