Emergency Prep Coloring Journal Pages


With all the natural disasters – fires, hurricanes, tornadoes, etc. – it’s important to make sure you and your loved ones are prepared.

While it’s an important topic, emergency preparedness, it doesn’t mean you can’t have fun getting all your ‘ducks in a row’.

And that’s where this Emergency Prep Coloring Journal comes into play.


This Bundle Includes: 

  1. 52 Week Food Storage Plan (Weeks 1-26)
  2. 52 Week Food Storage Plan (Weeks 27-52)
  3. 72 Hour Emergency Kit Plan
  4. Emergency Car Kit Plan
  5. Emergency Contacts
  6. Emergency Info
  7. Family Emergency Plan
  8. First Aid Kit Checklist – Part 1
  9. First Aid Kit Checklist – Part 2
  10. “Go Bag” Checklist
  11. Utility Contact

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