Start Your First Writer’s Notebook

No matter what type of purpose you’re using a writing notebook for, it’s often helpful to have one that’s specifically for writing down your thoughts, creating poems, etc.  Plus, if your new year’s resolution is to write more often, having a writer’s notebook can be the very thing to help you reach your goal.  Here are a few steps you should consider when starting your very first writer’s notebook.

Creating a Writer’s Notebook

The first thing you need to do is create your writer’s notebook.  You can do this by choosing what kind of size and style you want your notebook to be.  Since notebooks usually come in a variety of shapes and sizes, another thing to consider is whether you want a notebook with wide or college-ruled paper.   However, if you’re not into paper and want to go eco-friendly, you can always choose a digital writing notebook aka your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Buy a Notebook

To get started writing in your notebook, you first have to buy it at your local bookstore or office-supply store.  Take your time going through the selection of notebooks in front of you and choose one that best suits your style and appeal.  If you find yourself writing a lot, we consider choosing a few notebooks, so you have plenty of writing space for personal use.

Write Things You Enjoy

When you start writing in your notebook, have fun with it!  Write things you enjoy, such as funny stories you heard from friends, ideas for a novel, and other dialogue you find enjoyable.  Don’t worry about what you write, just write what makes you happy and content.   After that, you’ll realize how much your writing notebook has taken off; it’s important to take some time to break it in.

Write in Your Notebook Regularly

After writing a few pages in, it’s easy to lose your excitement.  To avoid this, set a recurring schedule to write in your notebook every day.  However, if you find that writing in your notebook every day is too much, stick to a two or three-day schedule every week.  Here are a few more tips for writing regularly in your notebook:

  • Write before you go to sleep
  • Make it a habit of writing as soon as you get home
  • Write as soon as you get up in the morning

Try a Different Style of Writing

Although you may already know what kind of writing style you want to do, it’s still plenty of fun to try out a variety of different styles of writing.  For example, if you usually write science fiction, try writing comedic material.  Or, if you regularly write comedy, try writing a detective story.

Write Down Small Details and Notes

You should dedicate different parts of your writer’s notebook to different type of writing, one of them being small details to make a short story or longer stories, which you can dedicate a larger part of your writer’s notebook to.

Listen to the Way People Speak

Throughout the day, listen to people’s conversations and write them down later on in your writing notebook.  You can use these stories to create imaginative endings or use them to write your novel.  Learning from how they speak can even turn you into a better writer and write more complex responses from your characters.

Describe What You See

Using all of your senses, describe what you see, whether it be a simple sunset or a single blade of grass.  Throughout the day, write down real-time experiences in your notebook and describe what you see in great detail.  Taking your notebook with you can help it easier to jot down notes, observations, and things you hear.