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50 ‘Healthy at Home’ Journaling Prompts

  1. What does it mean to you to be healthy?
  2. What has been your biggest health struggles while being at home?
  3. How has your mental health been?
  4. What has been giving you anxiety?
  5. What are your biggest fears during quarantine?
  6. How has your physical health changed?
  7. What weight trends have you noticed recently?
  8. How has your diet changed since spending more time at home?
  9. What is causing you the most worries?
  10. How has your exercise routine changed?
  11. Are there any home workouts you have tried?
  12. Pick at least 3 new at-home workouts you can try in the next week.
  13. Pick an exercise you can do with others you live with.
  14. What do you think is the most important aspect of nutrition?
  15. What are some healthier food items you can add while at home?
  16. To improve your nutrition, try adding some structure to your day, then journal about
    your experience.
  17. How have your cravings changed since you have been home?
  18. Do you feel you are a boredom eater?
  19. Have you noticed any emotional eating tendencies?
  20. Go outside to walk and get fresh air, then journal how you feel afterwards.
  21. What is a way you can embrace and take advantage of being at home?
  22. What are the main sources of your stress lately?
  23. What are some stress relieving activities you have tried?
  24. What hobbies have been keeping you busy?
  25. How are you dealing with your kids’ health and wellness while being at home more
  26. In what ways are your kids getting exercise?
  27. How are you focusing on proper nutrition for your kids?
  28. Try creating a new daily routine that encourages healthy habits.
  29. What are 5 things you miss from before you were quarantined?
  30. What are 5 things you look forward to when things get back to normal?
  31. Name 5 people you can’t wait to spend more time with.
  32. What are 5 things you can be grateful for right now?
  33. Make a list of healthy snacks you can add to your diet.
  34. How have you been socializing lately?
  35. List some ways you can reach out to people more.
  36. What is something you have always wanted to try?
  37. If your productivity is suffering, what are some reasons you think that is?
  38. Give yourself a break – what are some things you believe you have done right?
  39. List self-care activities you have participated it while being at home.
  40. List some NEW self-care activities for your shelter-in-place time?
  41. What is a creative activity you can try while being at home.
  42. List the main things that have been on your mind lately.
  43. When you think of how you spend your time when you are bored, what comes to
    mind first?
  44. When the shelter in place orders are lifted, what is a way you can get out more?
  45. How has quarantine changed your mindset?
  46. What do you think you took for granted before quarantine?
  47. Have you read any books while in isolation?
  48. How do you think life will be different moving forward.
  49. What are some changes you have made that have improved your health so far?
  50. List 10 ways you can be physically and mentally healthier while at home.
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100 Prompts for Personal Development

Personal Development Journaling Prompts

  1. What are some things you love about your personality?
  2. What are some things you love about your physical appearance?
  3. List 3 strengths you admire in yourself.
  4. List 3 strengths you admire in others.
  5. What brings you the most confidence?
  6. What is something about yourself you used to think negatively about, but now you
    think positively?
  7. What does positive self-talk mean to you?
  8. What types of things trigger your negative self-talk?
  9. What do you feel negatively affects your self confidence?
  10. Have you noticed anything different lately with your self-esteem?
  11. What are some confidence changes you have noticed as you have gotten older?
  12. List 5-10 things you want to improve the most about yourself.
  13. List 5-10 things you want to improve most about your life.
  14. What steps have you taken so far to better your life?
  15. What are some steps you still want to take to better your life?
  16. What do you feel is keeping you from the necessary steps?
  17. Do you know what your personal roadblocks are?
  18. Do you believe you are someone who procrastinates?
  19. In what ways are you getting in your own way?
  20. How is your mental health affecting your personal growth?
  21. What does personal growth mean to you?
  22. Do you continuously work on your own personal growth?
  23. When was the last time you took a course or read something to expand your
  24. What do you feel is a big part of your identity right now?
  25. What do you want people to remember about you?
  26. When you write in your journal, what do you feel you get from it?
  27. What is something you were hoping to get more of from journaling?
  28. What do you feel is a lasting impression you have on other people?
  29. Do you remember the first time you wanted to work on yourself and improve your
  30. List some of the best personal development books you have read.
  31. What is the best self-help advice you have ever received?
  32. What is something from your past you will always remember?
  33. Write down a DONE list. Everything you have accomplished either today, this week,
    or this month.
  34. Do you feel you give yourself enough grace when things don’t go perfectly?
  35. What are some things you need to forgive yourself for?
  36. What are some accomplishments you are most proud of?
  37. List the biggest life goals you want to work towards.
  38. List specific actions you have taken to work toward these goals.
  39. Talk about the biggest challenges you have had in your life so far.
  40. How have they changed you?
  41. What actions have you taken to overcome your challenges?
  42. What does personal strength mean to you?
  43. Do you practice self-love on a regular basis?
  44. How can you make yourself more of a priority?
  45. Do you have unconditional love for yourself?
  46. What are some past events that are dictating your present?
  47. How life has gone a different direction than anticipated
  48. What are your biggest priorities in your self-help journey?
  49. If someone asked about your self-help journey, what would you tell them?
  50. What events have made a big impact on your life?
  51. Who are some people who made a big impact on your life?
  52. How have you handled tragedy?
  53. How have you handled stress?
  54. Are you pushing yourself enough to reach your full potential?
  55. What is holding you back from reaching your potential?
  56. How often are you out of your comfort zone?
  57. Where does your comfort zone tend to lie?
  58. List 3 things you can do to get out of your comfort zone.
  59. In personal development, what causes you the most anxiety?
  60. Does something trigger anxiety when you are working on yourself?
  61. Do you have cycles you keep going through, and get stuck in?
  62. What are your thoughts on using a vision board?
  63. In what ways do you like to use a vision board?
  64. What is your ideal life?
  65. How far away are you from that ideal life?
  66. List people who have had a positive impact in your life, and why.
  67. List people who have had a negative impact in your life, and why.
  68. Who are people in your life helping to motivate you?
  69. What do you think has the most value in life?
  70. What are your moral philosophies?
  71. Do you stand by your convictions?
  72. What gives you the most strength?
  73. If life were to end tomorrow, what would be your legacy?
  74. What do you want your legacy to be?
  75. What are your thoughts on money?
  76. What place does money have in your life?
  77. Where do you want your finances to be?
  78. Have you invested any of your money?
  79. Have you learned about investing?
  80. Do you have a retirement account?
  81. Do you have long-term plans or only short term ones?
  82. What is your 5-year plan?
  83. What is your 10-year plan?
  84. What is your plan for 20 or more years?
  85. What does it mean to be living the dream?
  86. List 10 things that would define living the dream.
  87. List 5 people you greatly admire.
  88. How can you be someone that others admire?
  89. What steps can you take this week toward personal development?
  90. Start a daily to-do list for personal growth.
  91. How can you combine self-care with self-help?
  92. What is something you always wanted to do?
  93. What steps will help you do something you always wanted to do?
  94. How do you know when something is fulfilling to you?
  95. How have your dreams changed over time?
  96. Do you have a good work/life balance?
  97. Describe how this year has gone for you so far.
  98. How do you set your goals and priorities?
  99. What brings you the most happiness and joy?
  100. When you look back on your life, what do you want to remember the most?