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  • What Stops You from Getting Motivated?

    What Stops You from Getting Motivated?

    Innovation, creativity, and satisfaction are all dependent on motivation. Motivation drives us to take action, and when we take action, we generate movement, development, and change. We feel needed, competent, and relevant; we feel empowered by seeing how we can make a difference in the world and produce more of what we like in our…

  • 5 Ways to Address Inner Conflict

    5 Ways to Address Inner Conflict

    Is inner conflict holding you back? When we struggle with inner conflict, it is basically a battle between our emotions and thoughts. If a situation doesn’t turn out how we expected, it can release feelings of anger, stress, fear, and frustration. There are many different types of inner conflict. You may know you need to…

  • Affirmations via your PC!

    Affirmations via your PC!

    Mindzoom is an All-Time Bestselling self-improvement software. Wake the genius in you, improve your mind and body effortlessly using your PC. We all know what an excellent instrument the Internet can be.Where else can you reach millions of people from different walks of life within seconds, simultaneously? Studies indicate that the average person spends at…