Tell Your Life Story with a Journal

In the later years of your life, will you remember all of your adventures?  Will you vividly recall the emotions that you felt during some of the best times as well as some of the worst times?  Will your family be able to learn about who you truly were as a person after you are gone?  Will they understand your side of the story of our driving motivations?  Each life is filled with incredibly rich and poignant twists and turns.  Even on average days of your life, your unique thoughts and daily activities can be rich with meaning and importance in subtle or grand ways.  Journaling is an excellent way to tell your life story for your own benefit or to share it with others at a much later date.

Get to Know Yourself

Through journaling, you must take a close, introspective look at who you are and what you stand for.  Many people simply assume that they know who they are as a person because they live in their own skin, but as soon as you sit down to put pen to paper, you may realize that there are at least a few parts of yourself that are a mystery.   With each new journal entry that you write, you may discover a little more about yourself than you previously did not know.  Your life story that unfolds on each new page in your journal may fascinate you in different ways.

Examine Your Highs and Lows

Many people who journal on a regular basis will not have major dramatic events to examine more closely, but no life is without its highs and lows.  Journaling gives you a chance to capture the events of each passing day as well as to analyze your own feelings about these events.  If you choose to share your journal with others, the details of each journal entry can give others a day-by-day account about your own experiences and feelings related to routine days as well as to major life events.

Let It All Out

Many people remember major life events, but they fail to remember important smaller details surrounding those events.  They may also forget details about day-to-day life that may actually be relevant and interesting in various ways.  Through journaling, you can share the details of your life based on your own observations, and you can also let out all of your feelings.  When you read back through the journal at a later date, you can recall in clear detail what your life was like at a certain point.

Explore the Big Picture

Everyone wants to find some meaning in their life.  That meaning may be something profoundly important to the community, or it may be a special significance to others who are near and dear to you.  Through the retrospection associated with reading through the daily journal entries that you wrote, you may be able to see the big picture of your own life.   You can understand the importance of your own life.  Others who read your journal and hear about the story of your life in your own words may also gain a deeper understanding about the meaning of your life.

Journaling can be a richly rewarding experience.  It is an excellent way to de-stress and to sort through difficult emotions.  It also is a way to document the story of your life for yourself and for others.  You do not need to be going through some major life event to journal.  Each day has its beautiful moments as well as its stressful moments.  These are precious moments, and journaling captures each day in vivid clarity and great detail.